Lotto numbers for the 13th of february

New York State Lottery winning numbers for Feb. 13 | Lottery | We recognize you are attempting to access this website from a country belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) including the EU which enforces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and therefore access cannot be granted at this time. For any issues, contact [email protected] or call 877-589-5944. . Lotto 649: February 13, 2021 - Winning Numbers | go Cape View all the LATESTand HOTTEST posts View . These are the winning numbers for the Lotto draw on Saturday, February 13. The jackpot for tonight's draw is £7.4 million. You'd be able to retire tomorrow morning and take yourself shopping for some designer gifts and gadgets, then you could treat your nearest and dearest, book a jet-setting holiday across the globe once lockdown measures are fully lifted

The numbers lotto for 13th of february

You could even splash out on a swanky mansion and fill it with a range of luxury touches. We'll be bringing you the all-important results for tonight's draw live. There's also £500k to be won in the Thunderball draw and we'll announce those numbers below, too. There are multiple chances to win the Lotto as draws take place every Saturday and Wednesday

Numbers 13th of lotto february for the

To play the game, you choose six number from one to 59 or choose a lucky dip. . It costs £2 per play. You can buy a ticket on draw days, Saturdays and Wednesdays, until 7.30pm.

Numbers 13th february of lotto for the

This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. TORONTO — The winning numbers in Saturday’s Lotto 6-49 draw for an estimated $5 million: 16, 17, 27, 40, 41 & 45Bonus 38Guaranteed $1 million prize 39669677-01In the event of any discrepancy between this list and the official winning numbers, the latter shall prevail. Advertisement This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.. This Valentine’s Day, will you be the next Powerball jackpot winner?On Saturday, Feb. 13, the Powerball estimated jackpot is $56 million, with a cash value of $41.3 million. That would be a sweet treat for anyone who can match all six numbers

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Winning Powerball numbers for Saturday, Feb. 13Powerball drawings take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays after 11 p.m. EST. Winning numbers for tonight’s drawing are below

The 13th numbers of february for lotto

Winning numbers: 20 – 28 – 33 – 63 – 68 Powerball: 20Multiplier: 2X$2 million Powerball winner in WA; unclaimed MD Powerball jackpot The last Powerball drawing, on Feb. 10, had one big winner from Washington. The winning ticket matched all five white balls and added on the $1 Power Play option. Therefore, the prize amount for that ticket was $2 million. The last big Powerball jackpot hit last month for $731.1 million in Maryland. In fact, it was the biggest Powerball jackpot ever won in the state

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So far, the winner has not stepped forward to claim the ticket. Moreover, the Maryland Lottery reports that three jackpots worth $2 million and more are unclaimed at the moment. Definitely, this is a good reminder to check your tickets regardless of where or when you bought them

For 13th the lotto numbers of february

Automatic notification for winning online lottery tickets In Pennsylvania, if you choose to buy your lottery tickets through the PA online lottery, you are automatically notified of any winners. That removes the extra step of manually checking lottery tickets and wondering if you have a winner. There are other states as well that sell online lottery tickets:New York Georgia Illinois Kentucky Michigan New Hampshire North Carolina North Dakota Virginia As a reminder, it is always important to play responsibly.. The National Lottery The UK National Lottery is drawn at around 20:00 every Wednesday and Saturday and the UK National Lottery Results and Winning Numbers are made available online shortly after that time

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UK Lotto Results Thursday 22 July 2021National Lotto Draw No. 2624Jackpot: £7,459,411Machine Used: Ball Set Used: Category Prize per Winner Winners Prize Fund Total Match 6£00£0 Match 5 plus Bonus£1,000,0001£1,000,000 Match 5£1,75047£82,250 Match 4£1403,942£551,880 Match 3£30102,834£3,085,020 Match 2Free Lotto Lucky Dip 1,045,158£2,090,316 . Home Canada 6/49 Winning Numbers Saturday 13th February 2021 The Canada 6/49 draw took place on Saturday 13th February 2021 and the following numbers were drawn: Draw Date: 13/02/2021 16 17 27 40 41 45 38 Bonus Ball Encore 2032970 Guaranteed Prize Draw 39669677-01 Prize Breakdown Prize Tier Per Winner Prize Total Winners Total Prize Fund Match 6 CAD $2,500,000.00 2 CAD $5,000,000.00 Match 5 plus Bonus CAD $59,397.30 5 CAD $296,986.50 Match 5 CAD $2,780.80 89 CAD $247,491.20 Match 4 CAD $96.80 4,859 CAD $470,351.20 Match 3 CAD $10.00 97,412 CAD $974,120.00 Match 2 plus Bonus CAD $5.00 66,716 CAD $333,580.00 Match 2 CAD $0.00 695,700 CAD $0.00 Guaranteed Prize Draw CAD $1,000,000.00 1 CAD $1,000,000.00 Totals - 864,784 CAD $8,322,528.90 Next Estimated Jackpot: CAD $6 Million Other Details The Match 2 Prize is a Free Play Ticket which has a value of $3.20x Guaranteed $25,000 Prize Draw Codes:10295770-0110346411-0110364961-0110529029-0120105593-0737166625-0138738021-0256330847-0256443656-0156641905-0156765892-0157261997-0257279040-0261127669-0165304683-0368143119-0175933860-0182846785-0183476625-0183564389-02 Page Last Updated: Monday, 15th February 2021 8:52 am

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